Mine-Fields 1.03

It's Minesweeper, but not as we know it


  • Updated version of Minesweeper
  • Customise your board


  • Ultimately it's the same game

Very good

In this updated version of the Windows classic Minesweeper there are loads more options and even more frustration as you try to avoid the little explosions.

Set the size of the playing field, choose from hexagonal, square or triangular shapes (not that it makes much difference) and get playing.

It's all very familiar - tap on a shape, clear the area of landmines, stick a red-flag where you think a little bomb is hiding and keep those fingers crossed.

This free puzzle game is an original modification of the classic Minesweeper. You are able to play at three different element types - square, hexagonal and triangular.



Mine-Fields 1.03

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